Sheer Skin Transformation by Ole Henriksen!


Last month the lovely ladies at Preen.Me sent me some new face creams to try by Ole Henriksen.  I didn’t want to post anything until I had tried them for a month straight to see if I noticed any changes.


First off, I did, and now I have to admit that I have become a big fan.  The 3 little wonders package is an AM/PM regimen that rapidly reverses visible signs of aging and reduces sun spots/blemishes.  The collagen booster, which exudes aromas of fresh slices of orange, is refreshing to apply first thing in the morning. The best part is that these are not thick, oily creams that leave your skin feeling more oily than before, they are lightweight natural formulas.


I recently went to Toronto, Canada and forgot to pack my 3 little wonders after I had already been using them for three weeks straight, and noticed by day three of my trip that my skin had gotten dry and lost the smoothness that I had achieved after using Ole Henriksen.


Linked below are all the products I have been using! Try them out:)

Sweater Dress Knits by Zaful!

With Fall weather almost here I have started pulling my big knits out of storage which I’m pretty excited about.  Deep olive greens have been more and more prominent during the past year so in collaboration with Zaful, my eyes were immediately drawn to this green lace up sweater dress, which can also can be worn with jeans for a more laid back look.

From the easy ordering process to the delivery (and not to mention affordable prices) it was all pretty seamless which only makes me want to order again.  

Worn with Steve Madden knee high boots for a comfortable fall look, Zaful choker necklace and Karen walker Sunglasses.

Shop this comfortable Fall look by clicking the link here!






Hello lucy paris label!

This past week has been fairly eventful and I was so happy to share my latest collaboration with Lucy Paris Label.  It is a brand which I have always loved for their amazing fit, affordable prices, and a quality that always feels so durable.  With Fall weather comes leather jackets, big knits, and cool hats, all of which you will see flooding my blog in the next few months.

I was immediately drawn to this creamy combo of a cropped turtleneck sweater and this button detailed skirt.  As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I only recently started wearing skirts, so it only made sense that I would be attracted to this duo.

This look will soon be available on Revolve, but until then shop similar look below!

Leading up to fashion week with S’well!

Recently, I did a collaboration with S’well Bottle (seen here) to talk about the lead up to New York Fashion Week and the transformation the city goes through in preparation for the events, from relaxed Summer vibes to the hectic and fast paced.  The streets of Manhattan basically turn into one big fashion show making everyone wanting to be a part of the fun.  The outfits, the bags, the shoes, every last detail is thoroughly thought out by everyone involved.  There are street-style photographers and paparazzi racing through the streets after the shows just to catch a glimpse of the incredible outfits.  People from around the world come into the city for one big week-long event, from bloggers to magazine editors, designers, models and many more.

With that comes much preparation; from exercise, haircuts, fittings, to endless racks of clothing and accessories, all of which prep each and every outfit change because for most bloggers, the goal is to be photographed and shared across numerous social media platforms showing their unique sense of style.  Having started my own blog in June, my focus has been to try and attend any/every fashion show I possibly can.  There’s so much to learn from every show!  Last fall I was fortunate enough to be working for a fashion blogger which allowed me access to some of the best shows, as well as a glimpse of the behind the scenes preparation for each day.  The hair, makeup, styling and daily outfit changes all while racing from event to event by trying to snag the quickest mode of transportation whether that be taxi, Uber (or even a Citi Bike to maximize your time) can be hectic and even stressful at times.  The key to staying sane during fashion week is all in the preparation, but also by staying active and incorporating some form of fitness, as I find it helps clear my head, relieves stress and allows me to focus for longer periods of time. 

I also wanted to share some photos out and about in the city while always accompanied by my S’well bottle. For the most part they are filled with water (I try to drink a ridiculous amount per day) but I sometimes use the smaller one to bring ZICO coconut water or coffee cream to whatever coffee shop I stop in during my day.

Check out my post on the S’well Bottle website! 

DIY: Choker trend

With the choker necklace trend still in full force, I wanted to share some quick and easy DIY chokers that take only a few minutes of your time. The choker trend started with basic black velvet chokers, but we are seeing more and more chokers that have a lot of details and jewels attached.

If you have a fabric or trimming store near by then pick out the type of choker you want to make and then all you need is the end closure clips and some scissors and you’re set.  Measure your neck and cut the correct length to fit it around.  Then all you need to do is attach the closure clip and push it closed onto the material.  Once you do the other side you’re done! See more details below.

Materials below: Two different materials for each choker, two closure clips, scissors.

Pinch the closure clip over the material and then seal the end by pushing it closed.  Do on both sides.