Every time I wear this coat people always stop to ask where I got it from and I always pause and think of how to respond.  I have a friend who was doing a massive clothing purge.  Me being the clothing hoarder that I am just happened to be standing in close proximity (intentionally) watching each and every piece going into the throw away pile.  This coat was sitting on the ground ready to be dumped, and it was covered in stains from everyday wear and tear and I immediately saw the beauty in it and asked if I could have it knowing that good fitting camel coats are hard to come by because they sell out fast.  With a quick trip to the dry cleaners it was like new and I loved it.  It’s made by an Italian designer that I cannot find anywhere online to link it to so I have linked up some similar.  Camel coats are such a good classic staple to have and I love the clean look of an all black outfit with the tan coat.  

After I posted this photo on Instagram I had many questions about my hair, so I have shared the 1 1/4 inch curling iron I used to get this hair-do!

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When February gives you 60 degree weather you pull out all your Spring gear and get outside! What an amazing long weekend we had and I was so excited to wear this lace denim jacket from Lucy Paris, a brand which I love and have had the joy of working with since starting my blog.  They create such unique pieces at affordable prices.  I have yet to find anything similar to this lace denim jacket and it goes overtop of everything.

Here’s to praying that we have skipped over Winter and can continue to soak up this warm Spring weather!  Shop this look below:)









I’m sure most of you saw on my Instagram account that I spent most of last week soaking in the sunshine on the West Coast (LA and San Diego to be exact) . It was so nice to escape the cold winter weather for a short getaway. As soon as I got home I was so excited about my blogger mail that arrived and I couldn’t wait to go shoot it immediately. Forgetting how cold it was outside I wore this fun lace skirt with a batwing turtleneck sweater and WOW, I was freezing. It took my hands a good hour to unthaw once I got home, I was clearly stuck thinking I was still in LA weather.   But, I was able to snap a few shots of this adorable Imoshion handbagwhich has the cutest embroidery covering the bag. It’s the perfect bag to make any simple outfit pop. I’m sure you will see this bag all over Coachella this year.

I was on the hunt for a partial lace skirt for a long time and finally found this one by Missguidedand ordered it immediately without even trying it on. It’s adorable to wear with big heels or with biker boots like I’ve done here. Asides from how cold I was, its always nice to change up my usual jeans for something a little more interesting:)

I hope everyone is gearing up for the Superbowl tonight. I just had to be briefed on which teams are playing this year, but i was well aware of what was on the food menu;) Happy Sunday Fun-day!

I can’t even begin to tell you how long I have been on the hunt for a faux fur coat in olive green, and one that I wouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg for.  Last year i found one that i fell in love with, until i saw the price tag.  I never ended up purchasing the coat but it always seemed to drift back into my memory until i found this one at Nordstrom which was very reasonably priced.

Olive green is such a beautiful winter color and is perfect for both a casual look or dressing up for a special occasion over any dress while also keeping you fashionably warm.

I also wanted to talk about these sunglasses that haven’t left my side since I got them.  I have been looking everywhere for the perfect pair that fits my big round face and when I came across these YSL round 70’s frames, it was love at first sight.  The price point is a little steep for sunglasses so I have linked up mine as well as some very similar ones that aren’t as much of a splurge.

Happy Friday!



Biker boots have always been around, in fact I used to own a pair which ended up in the trash after much wear and tear over the years.  I love seeing them reemerge into women’s fashion stronger than ever.  They can be paired with everything from long skirts to ripped jeans to denim shorts and that isn’t even to mention how stylish and comfortable they are.  I happened to come across these ones from Zara and they weren’t actually my size but they didn’t have any more left.  This was literally the last pair in stores and online, and if you know me, then you know that I will make any pair of shoes fit if I like the style enough. I had to wear my biker jacket to compliment my little edgy boots for a casual and comfortable look.

People always ask me what my style is, and I don’t think I have one style.  It always depends on the mood I’m in, what day it is, or event I’m going to that helps me decide what style I choose .  That’s what is so  fun about fashion, that we can dress in so many different styles and that they do not define us.

Below, Ive linked up this cozy Nordstrom sweater, along with many different biker boots and jackets.